Apart from such few places, wherever the word 'Aziz has been used for Allah, it has everywhere been accompanied by one Or other of His attributes of being Hakim Wise , Alim Knower , Rahim Merciful , Ghafur Forgiving , Wahhab Generous and Hamid Praiseworthy That is why the philosophers who regarded a single man, or a man-made institution, or an assembly of men as the holder of this power, have had to presume that he or it would be infallible
The reason is that if a being who wields un-limited power is at the same time foolish, ignorant, un-forgiving as well as stingy and devoid of character, its power and authority cannot but lead to injustice and wickedness Thus, wherever injustice and wickedness is being committed in the world, it is only because the one who wields authority over Others, is either using his power un-wisely and foolishly, or he is merciless and hardhearted, or evil-minded and wicked Indonesia - Bahasa Indonesia : Telah bertasbih kepada Allah apa saja yang ada di langit dan apa saja yang ada di bumi; dan Dialah Yang Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana• Somali - Abduh : Waxaa Eebe sharrifa oo wayneeya waxa ku sugan Samawaadka iyo Dhulka Eebana waa adkaade falsan• The reason is that the wisdom that is wholly free of every trace of folly, and the knowledge that fully comprehends all the related truths, is not at all possessed even by entire mankind, not to speak of its being attain d by an individual, or an institution, or a nation

شرح وتفسير الربع الأول من سورة الحديد لله ما فى السموات والأرض

Huruf Lam adalah Zaidah, dan dipakai lafal Ma bukannya Man karena memandang dari segi mayoritasnya.

الفصل الأول: قوانين جدل الكون
Somali - Abduh : Waxaa Ilaahay nasaha weyneeya waxa Cirka iyo Dhulka ku sugan Eebana waa adkaade falsan• His creation, His administration and rule, His commands and guidance, all are based on wisdom
(1) من قوله تعالى {سبح لله ما في السماوات والأرض} الآية 1 إلى قوله تعالى {يولج الليل في النهار} الآية 6
The word 'Aziz signifies a mighty and powerful Being Whose decrees cannot be prevented by any power in the world from being enforced, Whom no one can oppose and resist, Who has to be obeyed by every one whether one likes it or not, Whose rebel cannot escape His accountability and punishment in any way; and Hakim signifies that whatever He does He does it wisely
سورة الصف
For its explanation, see E
It says that no one except Allah in this universe is possessor of absolute power, and with this unlimited power He alone is faultless, All-Wise and All-Knowing, Compassionate and Forgiving, and Praiseworthy and Generous in His dealings with Hid subjects None of His works is tarnished by any tract of folly or ignorance
Here sabbaha has been used in the past tense; at other places yusabbihu has been used which includes both the present and the future tenses Huruf lam yang terdapat pada lafal lillaah adalah huruf zaidah; dan di sini dipakai lafal maa, karena lebih memprioritaskan yang mayoritas dan Dialah Yang Maha Perkasa di dalam kerajaan-Nya lagi Maha Bijaksana di dalam perbuatan-Nya

سورة الصف

Indonesia - Bahasa Indonesia : Semua yang berada di langit dan yang berada di bumi bertasbih kepada Allah menyatakan kebesaran Allah Dan Dialah Yang Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana• Likewise, as long as man is man, his being wholly free of and above selfishness, sensuality, fear, greed, desires, prejudice and sentimental love, anger and hate is also not possible.

(1) من قوله تعالى {سبح لله ما في السماوات وما في الأرض} الآية 1 إلى قوله تعالى {وإذ قال موسى لقومه يا قوم لم تؤذونني} الآية 5
But obviously, neither can un limited sovereignty be actually attained by a human power, nor is it possible for a king, or a parliament, or a nation, or a party that it may use the sovereignty attained by it in a limited circle faultlessly and harmlessly
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم سبح لله ما في السماوات والأرض ۖ وهو العزيز الحكيم
Swahili - Al-Barwani : Vinamtakasa Mwenyezi Mungu viliomo katika mbingu na katika ardhi Na Yeye ni Mwenye nguvu Mwenye hikima• Melayu - Basmeih : Segala yang ada di langit dan yang ada di bumi tetap mengucap tasbih kepada Allah; dan Dia lah Yang Maha Kuasa lagi Maha Bijaksana• The discourse has been opened with this introduction so that before hearing or reading what is going to follow, one may well understand that Allah is free from and far above this that the fimctioning of His Godhead should depend on someone s faith and another one's help and sacrifices
(1) من قوله تعالى {سبح لله ما في السماوات والأرض} الآية 1 إلى قوله تعالى {يولج الليل في النهار} الآية 6
The full importance of this statement of the Qur'an can be better understood by those people who are aware of the discussions of the philosophy of politics and law on the question of sovereignty
This would signify that every particle in the universe has always been extolling the glory of its Creator and Sustainer in the past, is doing 60 at present and will continue to do the same in the future for ever and ever English - Sahih International : Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth exalts Allah and He is the Exalted in Might the Wise• There is another fine point here, which one should fully understand
Swahili - Al-Barwani : Kinamsabihi kumtakasa Mwenyezi Mungu kila kiliomo ndani ya mbingu na ardhi Na Yeye ndiye Mwenye nguvu Mwenye hikima• If a person ponders over these truths, he will realize that the Qur'an is indeed presenting here a correct and perfect view of sovereignty 中国语文 - Ma Jian : 凡在天地间的,都赞颂真主超绝万物,他是万能的,是至睿的。 If He exhorts the believers to adopt sincerity in Faith and urges them to exert their utmost for the success and victory of the Truth, that is for the sake of their own good; otherwise the will of AIIah is accomplished by His own power and by His own design, whether somebody makes no effort at all towards its implementation, and whether the whole world joins together to frustrate and resist it stubbornly

ضبط متشابهات ما في السماوات والأرض

's 1,2 of Surah AI-Hadid.

سبح لله ما في السماوات والأرض وهو العزيز الحكيم
Wherever power is coupled with these evil traits of character, no good can be expected to result
[1] من قوله تعالى: {يُسَبِّحُ لِلَّهِ مَا فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَمَا فِي الْأَرْضِ} الآية:1 إلى قوله تعالى: {وَعَلَى اللَّهِ فَلْيَتَوَكَّلِ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ} الآية:13
Sovereignty connotes that the one who possesses it should wield un-limited power: there should be no internal and external power to change or modify his decision or prevent it from being enforced, and none should have any alternative but to obey him
شرح وتفسير الربع الأول من سورة الحديد لله ما فى السموات والأرض
English - Sahih International : Whatever is in the heavens and earth exalts Allah and He is the Exalted in Might the Wise•