The police response against the demonstrators was like shooting a mouse with an "Proboscidean mitogenomics: chronology and mode of elephant evolution using mastodon as outgroup"
The elephant has a strong memory that can remember the water sources for several years and return to them in the years of drought, and a strong sense of smell that can distinguish the smell of wind coming from the source of water, and identify the enemies, and therefore does not keep a distance between it and lions like other animals, Of course, it is strong, and is not easy for lions to hunt, but it fears the fire and the high sound and subscribe to one of thousands of communities

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Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 1722 : 3270-76.

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Physiology 17 2 : 47-50
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The elephant The elephant is a huge mammal, one of the largest wild animals on the face of the earth
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"Elephant cognition in primate perspective"
; Slatkin, Montgomery; Matheus, Paul; Hofreiter, Michael 2007 Fossil Elephantoids from the Hominid-Bearing Awash Group, Middle Awash Valley, Afar Depression, Ethiopia
Someone appears out of the blue• My oldest uncle was the black sheep in our family Elephant Research and Education Center, Department of Companion Animal and Wildlife Clinics, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University

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So, thought maybe you'd like to hear a friendly voice.

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"Origin of the elephants Elephas maximus L
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this match a golden opportunity to show your skills• Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 46 : 17296-301
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Despite his greatness, however, it is a gentle, calm and peaceful creature, expressing its feelings clearly
Types of elephants Elephants are divided into two basic types: African Elephant: An elephant living in the African Sahara, the largest species on the face of the earth now, where the weights of adult elephants reach to five thousand and five hundred kilograms "Estimating population sizes for elusive animals: the forest elephants of Kakum National Park, Ghana"
You can actually hear the waterfall on a few of the tracks Food The elephant spends about 16 hours of its day eating, It is mainly eats green grasses, and spends long periods in search of food, walking in long distances

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We remember when we are able to take a piece of information and experience, and figure out why it is meaningful to us, why it is significant, why it's colorful, when we're able to transform it in some way that makes sense in the light of all of the other things floating around in our minds, when we're able to transform Bakers into bakers.

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He also has a great power that enables him to carry a tree trunk and walk through it
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; Malaspinas, Anna-Sapfo; Pollack, Joshua L
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Elephant Living Place Elephants feed on the grass, so they live in environments where grasses are available, such as savannah