Manage and schedule deliveries at preferred date and time• Rory Jones January 8, 2014
It is then completely disregarded even though the shipment is sitting in the warehouse The driver never called while I was waiting for him for more than 40mins and I had to hit the road because I have 3hrs driving trip and the shipment is urgent

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The shipment is then delivered at your own convenient date and time, not convenient for the customer.

رقم ارامكس الموحد المخصص لخدمة العملاء وتتبع الشحنات
And whenever they pickup, they keep me on hold or give a promises to call back but they never did
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I called the contact center trying to understand what is going on and we agreed to meet with the driver after he called me in 10mins as they said
شرح شركة أرامكس ARAMEX
Balakrishnan, Melodena Stephens; Michael, Ian; Birkelund, Gunn Elisabeth; Moonesar, Immanuel Azaad 2013
Find and contact your nearest Aramex outlet• Ibrahim, Barbara; Sherif, Dina H From Charity to Social Change: Trends in Arab Philanthropy
Track the status of the incoming and outgoing shipments by using mobile number• American Univ in Cairo Press Daniel Shane February 4, 2014

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The scheduling on the app or WhatsApp is useless.

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I needed it as soon as possible and because of that situation I had to cancel my trip waiting for them
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Live track shipments: See a real — time view of your courier on the map on the day of delivery• Scheduling a pickup request from preferred location, date and time• Aramex app allows all Aramex customers around the world to manage their entire delivery experience using mobile phone
عناوين و فروع ارامكس في السعودية