Even though he's quite rough around the edges he's already shown some remarkable good qualities The plot is very flat at times, it's either showing them going all over each other, or showing Maxi finding that she can indeed take charge on the land and do it well, because she tries it hard
No l-less a lord's w-wife

Komik Under the Oak Tree

It is the author's work.

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i cried, and i usually don't do that, so whenever a book, film, or show makes me cry i simply put it on a pedestal
She glanced at Ruth dubiously as he packed something into a sack he had placed under the desk and walked straight out of the door
under the oak tree
What can possibly go wrong if we put together a traumatized female lead with an overbearing-self-conscious male lead that won't stop misunderstanding each other every time they interact with one another in the most ridiculous escenarios ever created by mankind? The character development especially the female lead wa I've read all the chapters available so far on Ridibooks using Google chrome to translate Korean to English - not great, but understandable
But it really all boils down to cultural differences, with Korea being more conservative on the subject of sex He doesn't have many modes to him besides protective and loving
It didn't help either that both Max and Riftan never open up to each other; Max because of her stutter and low self-esteem and Riftan because of his headstrong character And both of them misunderstand each o Oh dear, this is a tough one

Under the Oak Tree

Though tbh I like webtoon him better lmao they're both great though Ruth is kinda shady to me I hope I'm not wr OKAY I love the webtoon so I looked up the original book [and blazed through everything in English so far and will probably finish in Korean Maxi and Riftan deserve the fucking world and I liked seeing their character growth so far.

Komik Under the Oak Tree
Chapter 168 The next morning, Max ran to the library as soon as she finished grooming herself
Theres many misunderstanding at the beginning and Max low self esteem and Riftans lack of understanding doesnt help
under the oak tree
The blue energy from the palm of her hand slowly began to purify, focusing on the black energy in the water and drawing it into the center, slowly cleansing
The day after their wedding they were separated for 3 years

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This novel is written well, and that is the reason why it is popular.

Manhowa⊰⊱And⊰⊱Manga⊰⊱World چپتر31 آخرین مانهوا بقای چپتر منتشر survival Andreh قانون بانو
Both characters struggle with their respective insecurities blocking communication but grow beautifully for and with each other
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They will probably need long time to restore confidence to communicate normally
Manhowa⊰⊱And⊰⊱Manga⊰⊱World چپتر13 مانهوا Andreh بلوط manhowa Manhowa زیر درخت under manga
This is essentially a bodice ripper and comes with all the baggage of said genre