Content should promote thoughtful discussion Meme posts should include a comment from OP relating the post to ENTPs in a logical way
The latest hi-jacking in my opinion Who writes of talks about the 4 letters anymore? No DAE posts or posts with vague general statements about ENTPs

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Brilliant, innovative, clever, and a bit reckless.

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Then, with more Blogging platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc
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He does care, just not in a usual way
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Was he ever certified at all? Even River is more often typed as an ENTJ than as an ENTP
Hate speech qualifies as insults One of the other great things about looking at character personality types is that it can help us to better understand people who have different types than we do
Self-promotion must directly relate to the sub Reading Calvin and Hobbes usually triggers religious experiences in ENTPs

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And because this exploitative, idea-generating function is paired with logical though less visible Introverted Thinking and people-reading though immature Extroverted Feeling, some of those crazy ideas actually work out for him.

Introverted Thinking Ti Use logic
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Do not spam the sub with irrelevant self-promotion, chat rooms, or NSFW content
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it appears much more that, while functions i