Having good health, as the person who raises a cat has a lower chance of having a heart attack, also his immune system improves Special comb for combing cat hair and eliminating falling hair
Exotic Cat: It is a very classy act cat, and very expensive Cats as a pet Cats, which are the closest animals to humans, are raised by many people, They have lived with people for more than seven thousand years, and Cats belong to mammals, where many types of cats differ in shapes, colors, and sizes

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Special stones for applying cat litter and It is recommended to be of the medicinal type that eliminates odors.

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Himalayan Cat: It is a hybrid cat that results from the mating of the Siamese cat with the Shirazi
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Shirazi cats: they are characterized by the length of their hair and his love for laziness and lethargy
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Burmese cat: is distinguished by its golden eyes
Litter Box with slightly high edges to avoid falling stones Gaining responsibility, as caring for pets develops a sense of responsibility, as it teaches regulation and commitment to time, by carrying out basic daily tasks, such as feeding and cleaning the cat
Russian cat: a very calm cat

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Keep the house from rodents.

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In some old civilizations, cats were considered sacred animals, where there were dozens of statues, especially in the Pharaonic civilization, where a punishment of a person who caused harm to any cat would reach a severe punishment that could reach execution
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Tissues designated for drying cat hair after showering
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Teach who to deal with feelings, and with others' needs, also to treat them with kindness, gentleness, and respect
Manx cat: It is without a tail, and is characterized by its calm nature Siamese cats: are characterized by the beauty of their sound and sweetness
Abyssinian cat: It is one of the smartest types of cats Apis cat: It is a cat that lived in abundance in the time of the Pharaohs, and it has many statues

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A beautiful smell powder to perfume your cat.

Cats for Sale in Qatar : Persian : Kitten : Siamese : Pictures
Having companionship, as having a cat in the house contributes to the sense of companionship, which prevents his sense of loneliness
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Domesticated cat: of the lineage breed, called a "bast" cat and is distinguished by the density and length of its hair, which is very calm and does not show any aggression
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Balinese cat: a hybrid cat resulting from the mating of the Siamese cat with the Himalayan cat