As a teenager she won a in an Egyptian teen magazine which widely published her photograph and got her the attention of directors and producers She went on to work in many other films with other famous actors such as , , , , and
[ ] Tharwat died at the age of 76 after a long battle with cancer and aging-associated diseases She married five times and had four daughters with her second husband, Egyptian producer

زبيدة ثروت.. والدها رفض زواجها من عبد الحليم حافظ والسرطان أنهى حياتها

She was known for movies such as 1964 and Part Virgin 1961.

أبرزهم بيليه وعبد الحليم حافظ.. رجال في حياة قطة السينما زبيدة ثروت
اسرار الفنانة زبيدة ثروت تظهر في عيد ملادها الـ 81
Career [ ] She made her first film appearance in the 1956 film Dalila, alongside stars of the day and
رفضت دخول الفن.. شاهد شقيقة زبيدة ثروت التوأم..يخلق من الشبه اربعين
Filmography [ ] Film [ ] Year Title Role Notes 1956 Dalela 1956 Hekayt 3 Banat Shahira 1957 El-Malak el-Sagheir Doha 1957 Nessa' fi Hayati Sanaa' 1958 Bent 17 Safaa' 1959 A'ashat lelhob Zeinab 1959 Shams La Tagheeb Soha 1959 Ehtrsi mn el-Hob Laila 1960 Eni Atahem 1961 Yum mn omri Nadya 1961 Nesf Azraa' Zeinab 1961 Fi Baituna Ragol Nawaaal 1962 Salwa fi mahab el-reeh Salwa 1969 Zawga Ghayoora Gedan Fatma 1969 Kaifa ttakhalas mn zawgatak Fatma 1970 El-Hob El-Daea' Samya 1970 Ana we Zawgti we el-Sekrtera 1971 Hadest Sharaf 1973 Shams w Dabab 1973 Zaman Ya Hob Abeer 1973 El-Ragol Al-Akhar 1974 Al-Ahdan Al-Dafe'a Madiha 1975 Habebe Magnon Gdn 1975 El-Moznbon Mona 1975 La Shy' yohem 1976 El-Hob el-Haram Aydaa 1976 Lkaa' Honak Laila 1977 Zahret el-Banafseg Hayaat 1981 Seham Stage [ ] Year Title Role Notes 1977 Shahrzad we 8 staat 1977 20 Farkha we deek 1987 Ana we Heya we mrati 1980 8 staat 1985 Aaa'ela Sa'eeda Gedaan 1987 Meen Ye'dar ala reem Television [ ] Year Title Role Notes 1978 Wafaa' Belaa Nhaaya References [ ]
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اسرار الفنانة زبيدة ثروت تظهر في عيد ملادها الـ 81

During her career, she was given many nicknames such as " The Pussycat of Arabic Cinema", " Magic Eyes" and " The Queen of Romance".

أبرزهم بيليه وعبد الحليم حافظ.. رجال في حياة قطة السينما زبيدة ثروت
Personal life [ ] Tharwat had 3 siblings
بعد ظهور شبيهتها.. 5 رجال وأسرار خاصة لا تعرفها عن زبيدة ثروت
قصة حب عبدالحليم حافظ وزبيدة ثروت.. رحل كلاهما ولم يخبر الآخر