and discover that a lethal intruder has snuck aboard, intent on destroying the entire crew! Board the spaceship and feel the thrill of discovering the imposter in every game! Start a new game -either online or against the computer- and you'll be assigned the role of either crewmate or imposter, which is kept secret from the other players If you're the imposter, your goal is to wipe out the entire crew by sneaking up to them and hitting the kill button
Join a spaceship's crew as they travel through space

Among Us 2021.6.30 for Android


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Overall, Among Us is a great multiplayer game, whether you're playing with friends or other players from all over the world
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But if you're part of the crew, you'll have to avoid the imposter and try to figure out who it is
Players can also interact with some objects in the ship's rooms during the game All the action in Among Us plays out on a spaceship made up of different units

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To do so, a chat room with all the players appears after all the action, where they can discuss who they suspect the imposter is based on what they've seen during the game, and hold a vote.

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Among Us is a fun game that's packed with action and full of intrigue
Download Among Us v2021.5.10 for PC for free = تحميل لعبة أمونج أس آخر أصدار من ميديا فاير V2021.5.10
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