Committee on 21st Century Systems Agriculture 2010 United States Department of Agriculture, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
"The story of phosphorus: Global food security and food for thought" Jan Hamrin, Chapter 1, The Renewable Energy Policy Manual, Organization of American States, undated

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Rural Science Graduates Association 2002.

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National Academy of Science, National Research Council, Washington D
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"Low Carbon Desalination: Status and Research, Development, and Demonstration Needs, Report of a workshop conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in association with the Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance"
Paul Weiss chairman of renewable resources study 1962 Principles of Soil Conservation and Management

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من انواع الموارد الطبيعيه المتجددة
من انواع الموارد الطبيعيه المتجددة
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