• 2- Due To the program coordinator or the authority on the In the event of problems or challenges that Be aware and know the reference of inquiries About the policies and procedures in the organization
that The volunteer is keen to present and direct the work Of the highest quality possible • And from In order to avoid this conflict of interest it is necessary On the volunteer :• Value And ethics : Must be That successful business is linked with an ethical reference Derived from our true religion and the values of our society Saudi, and from the vision of the Kingdom 2030 Including Reflects on the volunteer's behavior and leads him to Achieving the purpose of voluntary participation

التسجيل في نظام العمل المرن السعودية مع الشروط

that Be supportive of the beneficiaries around him And other volunteers, especially at the scene In which he performs his volunteer work.

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To commit By preserving the organization's property and on The covenant delivered to him in all its forms And return it to the organization
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• that Be supportive of all efforts aimed at Enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and achievement of excellence In managing the organization in the field of volunteer work
التسجيل في نظام العمل المرن السعودية مع الشروط
Achievement Volunteer work with honesty and integrity according to the requirements Volunteer work, its principles and morals
Commitment Values and ethics based on principles Islamic, responsible citizenship To abstain For giving any undertaking or commitment on behalf of Organization without reference to officials and take Official permission to do so
• that The volunteer runs his own affairs And the process in a way that does not harm the reputation of the organization That he volunteers with And so It is worth volunteering :• Submit the support : Look Each individual organization volunteers on it An important part of the support process in all forms Possible for a successful volunteer work

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Implement Tasks according to the approved structure and references In the organization.

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that Benefit from volunteer work to raise experience Practical and professional
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• And for this It is expected of a volunteer :• Purpose Of The Guide : Aim to This charter is to clarify the controls Commitments, values and principles that It contributes to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's vision 2030 to reach To one million volunteers Locate Requirements pertaining to For volunteers And their duties, and their rights are preserved during Doing voluntary work
رابط منصة العمل المرن وخطوات التسجيل وموانعه وأبرز قواعده بالتفصيل
Abstinence For accepting any gift, service, or favors except Cases justified by rules and customs of hospitality And fitness