No doubt i have come again and will come again more
This is the best place to relax and enjoy the delicious chapati wrapped in all sort of yummy servings, waffles, pancakes and especially the Karak Tea For that reason, this book is devoted in its entirety to a study of the changes in literary form

(خبر قديم)

I had the chance to meet with the owner and he gave us the best welcome ever.

العثور على جثث سبع عراقيين في سوريا
One thing alone concerns me: the number of strands that make up the cotton plant and the different ways of weaving them
العثور على جثث سبع عراقيين في سوريا
Food served with love and respect
قراءات نقدية
If I may bring up the analogy of a factory, then I would say that neither the current state of the world cotton market nor the politics of cotton trusts interests me
02 October 2017 4:38 Ambiance of unique, very traditional and classic style

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الدر المنثور/سورة البقرة/الجزء الثاني
الدر المنثور/سورة البقرة/الجزء الثاني
السيطرة على الشجار بين الاولاد الصغار